MIAMI, FL 2019

Saturday 9/28



Downtown Miami September 28th, 2019


Miami, FL (September 28, 2019)


We’re heading to sunny Miami Florida this year for our 4th annual festival on Saturday September 28th to kick off our 2019 tour. Our event location is in the Pop Up on 168 SE 1st Street, 3rd Floor in Miami FL.


Official 2019 FEATURE FILM Selections

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THE BLUEBERRY FARMER (Feature) by Valerie Whitcomb.

Bernie was bush hogging a pasture in 2002 when he noticed a helicopter circling above him. When it lowered to just over the treetops in a tight circle, he knew his life was about to change forever. Trace View farm was raided by the police that day and over 100 mostly small cannabis plants were confiscated as evidence by the police. Those plants had only around seven pounds of usable medical cannabis estimated to be on them. For almost 15 years, Bernie had been growing cannabis. Besides using it himself for his own ailments, including a degenerative spine and fibromyalgia, he was providing it for free to terminal AIDS and Cancer patients that he knew or who were referred to him.


UNPRESCRIBED (Feature) by Steve Ellmore

Across the country, and around the globe, their stories are all the same; veterans risking everything by turning to cannabis to ditch the cocktail of drugs prescribed by military doctors.

In his first feature-length documentary, producer, director, and military veteran Steve Ellmore chronicles the lives of fellow veterans, spouses, and family members coping with war-related trauma and the loss of loved ones to suicide brought on by the over-prescription of pharmaceuticals.


WALL OF FLESH: A VINTAGE COMEDY (Feature) by Brian Sturges

A faded musician and loveable curmudgeon must reassemble his motley band of misfits in order to provide for the spermatozoon that got away.


Official 2019 SHORT FILM Selections


Unified Theory (Short) by Christina Hibner

Higher Space (Short) by Vitaliy Strokous

You Know What? (Short) by Keith Martinez

The Chronic Comedy Show (Short) by James Longshore

Googas (Short) by Nick Vespe

Grease the Door (Short) by Bobby Friedman

Cheer Up, Charlie (Short) by Kara Miller

The High Five (Short) by Dave Peniuk

Walking Stereotype (Short) by Brett Puglisi

Livingstoned, I Presume (Short) by Jeff Vande Zande

Toasted (Short) by Chad Janusch

Young Again (Short) by Evan Shafran

Chasing the White Rabbit (Short) by Anitra Esther

The Report (Short) by Alexander Callens

Cashed (Short) by Serena Ryen

High Hopes (Short) by Marjan Riazi

Diablo (Short) by Brett Puglisi

The Five Rules of Weed (Short) by Derick Campbell

Harvest Fest (Short) by Olof Berghe

Tread on These (Short) by Matthew Michienzie

Criminals (Short) by Casey William Walker

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